05.09. Registers - Closing / Opening


There are multiple methods to close and open a register in Gram Tracker. Below is one suggested method to keep balances accurate and accountability for all involved employees.


  1. A Store manager can Navigate to:

Admin > Registers. This will show an existing balance for registers.

  1. Count cash from the physical cash drawer. Set aside starting register cash. All additional cash becomes deposit.
  2. Click Adjust Cash Balance to remove all cash counted. This should include all cash in the register, including the starting balance.
  3. Make another adjustment for any unaccounted for cash.
  4. Perform a final adjustment to add register cash back to register.
  5. Run the close register report to get your register balances.
  6. Optionally, you may then close the register using the Close Register tab. This will reset the Close Register Report.





Registers in GramTracker are technically always “open” and able to accept cash transactions. Opening a register for accountability for an employee taking over the cash drawer can be accomplished via the following steps.


  1. Count physical cash from the cash drawer
  2. Navigate to Admin > Registers
  3. Click Adjust Cash Balance
  4. Perform a register adjustment for the difference between the register balance and cash counted. If there is no difference, enter an adjustment for $0.00. Make sure to select the appropriate Reason from the dropdown menu.
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