05.04.01. Administering My Categories

In this section, you are able to customize each section of your MJ Freeway Site, whether it be drop down options. Etc.

For every section, you can either select “List terms” or “Add terms”.

05.04.01.A. Catalog: TERMS FOR CATALOG

Catalog: This list controls your Product categories.  You can change names of existing Product categories and add new product categories. 

When you select "List Terms" under "Catalog", this is the menu you're taken to. This is your Terms for Catalog home page.  You're given an itemized list of each item in your Catalog. For instructions on this section of Customize Lists, click <HERE>.

05.04.01.B. Inventory Variance Reasons: TERMS FOR INVENTORY VARIANCE REASONS

Inventory Variance Reasons: This list controls the terms available on a product’s pricing chart during any ‘Weigh Heavy’ scenario at the point of sale.

This is your Terms for Inventory Variance Reasons home page. Here you can edit the terms for your manual adjustments to inventory. You will use these terms during conversions and adjustments to inventory. For more instruction on this section of Customized Lists, click <HERE>

05.04.01.C. Inventory Adjustment Reasons:

05.04.01.D. Referral Types:

05.04.01.E. Extra Services:

05.04.01.F. Caregiver List:

05.04.01.G. PO Statuses:

05.04.01.H. Transfer to Location Statuses:

05.04.01.I. Register Adjustment Reason:

05.04.01.J. Bulk Category:

05.04.01.K. Wholesale Customer License Type:

05.04.01.L. Batch Ingredients:

05.04.01.M. Symptom Evaluation Scales:

05.04.01.N. Symptoms:

As part of our September 2012 release, GramTracker now supports Symptom Tracking for your patients.

Please contact support to enable this feature on your system.

Once enabled by support, you must also enable the feature in Admin > Settings > General Settings

Here, you also have the option to show the symptom history on the main patient check in screen, or only on it's own tab.  When you enter a new evaluation of symptoms, you may also specify the default date that a new evaluation is due. This date will appear in red when viewing a patient if overdue.

You can now use Admin > Customize Lists to customize the lists of symptoms and scales.


A few notes:

  • Some defaults will be included and can be edited.
  • Symptoms and associated scales should be planned out before entering them.
  • Scales must be entered before symptoms.
  • The same scale can be used for multiple symptoms.
  • Work with your associated health care professionals to determine the most useful symptoms and scales to track.
  • Not all scale values require a description. Consider if evaluation scales should use the same numeric scale (e.g. 1-5 or 1-10)

Once this is enabled, you will be able to enter symptom evaluations for patients.
If enabled, on the view patient screen, you'll see the most recent evaluation. This provides a quick view of the symptoms being treated so that the best care can be provided.

To enter a new evaluation, or to view more history, click the Symptoms tab.
This shows each evaluation, all the symptoms associated with each evaluation, and the products that were purchased leading up to the evaluation. This way you can compare the results from one evaluation (with the products used that contributed to it) with previous evaluations and the products associated with them.

To enter a new evaluation, click "Add Symptom Evaluation"

This screen will allow you to see the previous evaluation, products purchased since that previous evaluation, and enter new rating for each symptom, notes for each symptom, as well as a new evaluation due date. Once saved, this evaluation will appear the next time you view this patient.

An export is also available, from the bottom of each patient's Symptom tab. For more information on the export, click <HERE>


05.04.01.O. Vehicles:

05.04.01.P. Primary Activities:

05.04.01.Q. Secondary Activities:

05.04.01.R. Physicians:

05.04.01.S. Patient Groups:

05.04.01.T. Product Tags:


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