10.24.13 Mini Release

Cool new features for clients include:

  • Checked-In Queue Timers
    • In Admin > Settings > Patient Settings, clients are now able to define thresholds that will colorize the list of patients in their Checked-In queue to provide an at-a-glance indication of how long their clients have been waiting to be served.
    • Additionally, for finer detail, users can hold their mouse over a Patient Name in the Checked-In queue and display the number of minutes a client has been waiting.
  • Saved Routes for Grow MED Manifests
    • GrowTracker users no longer need to type the same route from Grow->Store for every one of their Distribution Manifests!
    • Users can set up routes in Grow Tracker under Grow > Setup > Customize Lists > Routes
    • When Routes have been set up, they will be available as a dropdown when Creating or Editing a Distribution
  • Running Tally on POS
    • For users in areas with per-sale transaction limits, a running tally can now be enabled to display on the POS under Admin > Settings > Sales
    • This is configurable to include both Infused/Net weight for Simple items, as well as include non-medicated items for clients using batch only partially(such as at least one New Mexico client I can think of)
  • Quickbooks Export Improvements
    • Register Adjustments have been given more customizability for Quickbooks
      • Rather than all Register Adjustments hitting a single account, individual Adjustment reasons can be put to separate accounts
    • Transfers of Product between locations are now reported via Quickbooks
      • This improves accuracy of inventory asset counting when users transfer product from one Location to another
  • Bugfixes Include:
    • Wholesale UOMs once again remember that you can, in fact, convert from Ounces to Grams
    • The Product Sales report and Quickbooks Export now understand how to calculate the cost of tricky Prepack sales
    • Dates in the Reporting Engine should behave more consistently
    • GrowTracker users will note that various lists now properly filter out Strains marked as Inactive.
    • Gender has returned as a selectable field
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