Store to Store Transfers

Within the MJ Freeway software ecosystem, subscriber organizations can now perform wholesales directly to other subscribers similar to two locations performing transfers within the same database.

Retrieving your code

To do this, the seller organization will need a Connect Code from the purchaser's organization. To collect your site's code, navigate to Admin, Locations, Setup Locations:


This will call up a list of locations on your database.


To view the code for a given location, click the Location Name to call up the location's view page. The site's code will be displayed beneath the location's name.



Setting up a customer for store to store

A wholesale customer can be set up for store to store transfers by entering the Connect Code they provide into the Connect Code field on their record.

To view the list, navigate to Wholesale, Wholesale Customers.


Once here, add or edit a store as usual. You will find that a new Connect Code field has been added to the add/edit page. Simply fill in this field with the code the customer provided you.


When saved, the system will validate the code to confirm that it matches an existing location in an existing database.


Using Store to Store

Once a customer has been set up for Store to Store, when a wholesale order is saved as Completed, a new purchase order will be generated automatically at the destination site and received like a normal inventory transfer or grow distribution.

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