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Navigate to Inventory > Test Results

Adding test results to the system and applying testing results to products or batches. 

This is manually adding testing results.

**Note: Testing results is a feature of the Pro and Elite packages of GramTracker.  if you do not have this feature in your MJ Freeway Site, contact our team to upgrade to these packages.  You can do that by clicking HERE

Testing Results can be tracked within MJ Freeway either at the batch level, for batch tracked sites, or at the basic product level, for non-batch tracked sites.  Testing results can be manually entered within MJ Freeway’s GramTracker as well as being integrated directly with a testing lab.  This article will discuss manually adding testing results to your products within MJ Freeway.


04.09.01. Manage Test Results

Navigate to: Inventory > Test Results > Manage Test Results

This is your Manage Test Results home page.  This is where you can manually add testing results to your products, such as THC%, CBD%, CBN%, THCA%, etc.



From here, you can either ‘Add Test Result’ or find previous testing results with ‘FILTER TEST RESULTS.’



Testing Partner:  Aside from manual entry, MJ Freeway also has the ability to automatically receive testing results for a lab through an API.  (an API stands for application Program Interface, basically a transfer of data from your lab to your MJ Freeway Site). Testing partners are limited to the currently integrated testing labs.  Contact MJ Freeway Technical Support for questions with regard to whether your testing partner is currently integrated. 

Test Results ID: Each set of testing results automatically receive an ID.  Testing Result IDs will be consecutive numbers.

Test Date: YEAR-MM-DD; This will be the date that your sample was tested, not the date entered into MJ Freeway.  This is a user defined date for manually entered Testing Results.

Strain: This will allow you to view all testing results for any particular strain.

Once your filter information is selected, you will be given the Result ID, Partner, Sample Date, and Strain for that particular result. You are then able to Print Label with that information on it. Here is an example of what your label would look like.



Clicking ‘Add Test Result’ will allow you to define criteria regarding your sample.  This will take you to your Manage Test Results home page. 


**Note: the Red asterisks in this field mean this information is required. 

Next you will be able to populate percentages for all fields pictured above.  You will also be able to attach a document to your testing result.

Sample ID: This is a required field; ;

Sample Name:

Sample Date: YEAR-MM-DD;This is a required field; Usually ties to the date the action occurred. 

Sample Type:

Test Type:

Strain Name:



**Note: When entering percentages into your MJ Freeway Site, we recommend using integers (whole numbers that are not fractions), for example, if you had 10% THC, you would enter "18", rather than .18

THC Percent: the percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol in this sample. 

CBD Percent: The percentage of Cannabidiol in this sample. 

THCA Percent: The percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid in this sample.

CBDA Percent: The percentage of Cannabidiolic Acid in this sample. 

CBN Percent: The percentage of Cannabinol in this sample.  (the typical amount of CBN found in most samples of cannabis is less than 1%)

D9THC Percent:

Moisture Percent:

Test Result File: Maximum file size   ; Allowed extensions are .txt, .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .xlsx., .gif., .jpg., .jpeg, .bmp, .png., .rtf


Once this information is filled out, Save the data. When data is saved, you will receive a yellow confirmation window at the top of your page showing “Test Result Saved”.


Attaching Testing Resting Results to Products in a Non-Batch Tracked System

Testing results can be added to any medicated product, such as Flowers, Edibles, Topicals, etc.

**Note: Remember, once a product is denoted as "medicated" it cannot ever be changed to un-medicated. 

To attach a Testing Result to a product in a non-batch tracked system, first add your testing result as explained above.  



Navigate to Inventory > Products > Active Products 


Lastly, enter the Result ID in the field

Attaching Testing Resting Results to Products in a Batch Tracked System

 To attach a Testing Result to a product in a batch tracked system, first add your testing result as explained above.  

 In a batch tracked system, we need to attach the testing results to Batches, not products.  You will be able to add a Testing Result to a batch during a PO. 

In this case, we are adding the Testing Result to our Blue Dream inventory, which has already been added to the system.  Once we find the appropriate batch, click the batch number, in this case ‘54325.’

Now that we are in the edit screen of our batch, we enter the Result ID into the field labeled ‘Testing Results ID.’

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