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In the following training sessions, please keep in mind these are to be used as guides to help coach you and your team through your own MJ Freeway Site. Due to variations of Terminology, Compliance and Capabilities for each MJ Freeway site, some features may differ from your own Site. If you have questions regarding functionality and if you require further assistance, you are welcome to reach out to MJ Freeway Support. We appreciate your business and welcome to the MJ Freeway experience.

The following is an outline of our Reports section of MJ Freeway GramTracker.  Each section has a link in which you can select to reach the full tutorial of that section.  The subsections shown below, denote the context of each tutorial within that area of that particular Knowledgebase article.

Navigate to: Reports

This is your Reports Homepage.  You have the ability to navigate to each section of the reporting manager from this page.  Each section displayed can also be reached via the main menu bar displayed above. 






06.01. Closing / Closing Report

06.01.01.  Closing Report

06.01.02.  Overview

06.01.03.  Balances Summary


06.02. Sales/Contributions

06.02.01. Summary

06.02.01.A. Sales Summary (Summary)/ Contributions Summary

06.02.01.B.  Sale by Year (by year)/ Contributions by Year

06.02.01.C.  Custom Sales Summary / Custom contributions Summary

06.02.01.D.  Order Details / Visit Details

06.02.01.E.  Sales by Patient (Patients)/ Contributions by Patient

06.02.01.F.  Sales Transactions (Transactions)/ Contributions Transactions

06.02.01.G.  Sales Efficiency (Efficiency)/ Contributions Efficiency

06.02.02. By Vendor

06.02.03. Wholesale Sales Report

06.02.04. Daily Cash Report

06.02.05. Retail Weekly Sales




06.03. Sales Tax / Additional Rate



06.04. Products

  • Coupon Usage Reports
  • Customer Reports
  • Product reports
  • Sales reports
  • Sales tax report
  • Stock reports
  • Locations
  • Patient by Caregiver
  • Transaction History

06.04.01.  Product Sales / Products Contributions

06.04.02. Product Listing

06.04.03.  Products by Variation


06.05. Transaction History

06.05.01.  Transaction History


06.06. Inventory

06.06.01.  Inventory Reconciliation Report

06.06.02.  Inventory Compliance Report

06.06.03.  Inventory Source Report

06.06.04.  Sales Source Report / Contributions Source Report


06.07. Coupons



06.08. Patient by Caregiver



06.09. QB Export / Quickbooks



06.10. Locations (N/A in California)



06.11. Engine

06.11.01. Pre-Existing Report

06.11.02. Engine: Custom Reporting Module

06.12. CO MMED (Colorado Compliance Specific)

06.13. MITS Export (Colorado Compliance Specific)

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