Colorado: Multi-Location Retail Setup & Video

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Colorado: Multi-Location Retail Setup

The Multi-Location set up is ideal for Colorado dispensaries were retail and medical license are ran out of the same store space.

Multi-Location: Multiple Stores attached to one website with which you can share or not share inventory, patient/customers, etc.

There are a few different methods to choose from to share inventory across two or more locations.  You literally can just share actual inventory quantities where essentially, you create a poole of inventory that both the retail and medical will deduct from once an item is sold.  Again, this is the ideal scenario when retail and medical license are ran out of the same store space. 

You can also have a Master Inventory, where inventories are shared but quantities are separate.  This is not ideal for a dual store medical and retail location for the pricing groups are set by the Master Inventory location and cannot be changed by the shared or sub-location. 

To enable multi-location settings, you want take a few steps to adjust settings across your site.

Set up Users: Admin > Manage Users

You can adjust the permissions of each employee to give access to both locations and/or adjust their permissions as a user on each end. 

Set Up Tax Rates: Admin > Taxes

You will note the pre-existing tax rates in the system that both locations should have.  You can set up a tax profile if you wish and choose which tax profiles apply to which location(s). Remember, you can choose to override tax exempt status just in case there are patients who were mistakenly marked as tax exempt.

Set Up Coupons: Admin > Coupons

Some locations prefer to have coupons set up to both stores, or specific to each store.  You can create or edit existing coupons to ensure at the POS you have the options for each coupon or discount you want available.

Set Up Catalog:  Admin >  Customized Lists > Catalog

Your categories are shared between both locations.  You may want to adjust your categories to ensure that each category is still applicable for effective and efficient business workflow. For example, you may want to have categories specific for retail such as Flower - Retail, Flower - Medical, etc.

Set Up Pricing: Admin > Pricing

All pricing groups are attached to the products they are selected for in the system.  Since most retail locations have higher pricing than medical, you may want to consider creating pricing groups such as Top Shelf Medical, Top Shelf Retail, etc.

Set Up Products/Inventory: Inventory > Products

Create as many products in your retail as you are wanting to transfer out of your medical.  Build your inventory and products sections out to ensure that when the transfer out is initiated, the retail store can receive the product. 

 Set Up A New Register: Admin > Registers

Any time a new location is added you need to add a register or you won’t be able to complete sales.

Set Up Labeling: Admin > Settings > General Settings > Label Printing Options

Attach the State Seal for Colorado MMED.  You may also want to begin  using the 2x4 label settings for detailed labels depending on your compliance needs at that time.

Set Up Inventory Transfer: Inventory Initiate a Transfer

Here you can build out the transfer of products to the retail site.  You can continue to build this transfer until your ready, just be sure to keep it at the 'Pending' status.  This will prevent the inventory from being deducted until we change status to 'Transfer Out'. 

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