Grow Tasking by Manual Assignment

A dispensary with the Tasking module enabled may assign tasks to individual employees, which they may then be used to record time spent on specified activities.


To do this, first establish any desired Primary Activities following the directions detailed here.


To view or to assign a task, navigate to Grow, Task Scheduling.




This page contains a filterable table of all current tasks. To add a new one, click Add Task above the filter header.



In this window, you may select which Activity you wish to see performed, select which User you want to perform it, and select a date, estimated duration, and start time for the activity. As pictured below, you may also set whether you want this to be a recurring task and set its timeframe.



Once you click Save at the bottom of the form, that task will then be visible as a part of the assigned user's schedule and will appear on the scheduling page.


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