05.04.01.Q. Secondary Activities

MJ Freeway Sites with the Tasking module enabled may set schedules and automatically-assigned grow tasks for employees. Through Primary Activities, management may create tasks to be assigned for general workflow and for patient appointments. For instruction on how to create Primary Activities, click Here


Admin > Customize Lists > Administer My Categories > Secondary Activities


GrowTracker = Navigate to Grow, Setup, Customize Lists.                                               


  1. Locate Secondary Activities on the list and select List terms to view existing activities or Add terms to create new ones.
  2. When Adding a term, you will see the following prompts:
    • Term name: The name of the term as it will appear on schedules.
    • Description: A description of the task, potentially for a description of best practices.
    • Used for Visitor Appointments: A checkbox to indicate if this is a task that will be used for Patient Appointments.
    • Upload an Activity Image: An image, such as a photo of the activity or a flowchart for the workflow, may be included.                                                                                                                                  
  3. Click Save at the bottom of the page when finished.

For information on Task Scheduling, click Here

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