Firefox Update to 29.0 and Print Settings

Yesterday, April 29th, Mozilla released the latest version of their Firefox web browser.

This is the recommended browser for use with MJ Freeway Products.

 For a full list of the changes and how to work with this new version of the browser, please see Mozilla's article here:

Some of the changes in this version of Firefox change some of the setup steps involved in installing or configuring our recommended hardware, notably Receipt and Label Printers.


MJ Freeway still requires specific browser settings for proper printing, but there is the chance that Firefox has reset your printer settings, and you will need to change them back. But the new look and feel of Firefox means that you may have to take slightly different steps to make those changes.


First, you'll need to expose the traditional Menu Bar.

This can be done by right clicking in the open space next to a tab at the top of the browser.



When you see this popup menu, click the "Menu Bar" item in the list, and you will then see the menu bar exposed at the top of the page:


From there, you can access your print settings in the traditional manner.

Click File > Page Setup



On the popup settings menu, click the Margins & Header/Footer tab.

On this tab, make sure all of your margins are set to 0.0, and all of your headers and footers are set to --blank--



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