How to: Patient Caregivers

MJ Freeway now allows patients and caregivers to be linked.  If a patient is linked to a caregiver, you will be able to select who is picking up the medication for a patient.  This could be either the caregiver or the patient themselves.


To link profiles, you will add a patient’s caregiver as a patient in MJ Freeway.  In the scenario above, Dawn is Derek’s caregiver.  As we can see from the image below, Dawn’s patient profile number is 25.


To designate Dawn as Derek’s caregiver, we would edit Derrick’s profile.  From the caregiver dropdown, select ‘other patient’ and enter Dawn’s profile number, 25.



As seen above, this now allows us to designate who is picking up Derek’s order.


If this information is not captured during the order, caregiver pickups can be modified in the order details, as seen below.


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