04.07.02. Ingredient Templates

GramTracker allows for pre-set lists of ingredients, or Ingredient Templates, which you can apply to track the ingredients used in growing or producing a particular batch of a product.


To set up a new Ingredient Template for your site, follow the procedure below:


  1. Navigate to Inventory, Batches, Ingredient Templates.



  1. Select Add a Template.



  1. The screen that appears will have four main data fields, labeled Title, Producer, Description, and Ingredients.
    • Title: This is a title for your own reference, something that will identify the ingredient list.
    • Producer: Using this dropdown, select the vendor who uses this strain.
    • Description: This field is also for your own reference. For example, you may enter that an ingredient list is a given vendor's typical mixture.
    • Ingredients: In this box, enter the ingredients used in this template. Each ingredient should be entered on its own line.




  1. (Optional) Any supporting documentation or pictures can be attached using the Ingredient File field.
  2. Click the Save button.

Once your ingredient list has been saved, you will be taken to the page for the new Ingredient Template you created:



You may revisit or edit this template at any time by returning to the Ingredient Templates page following Step 1.


This newly created Ingredient Template can now be attached to any batch entered in GramTracker to auto-populate the ingredients associated with the batch.

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