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Navigate To Admin > Customize Lists

Customize Lists allows you to customize terms found throughout MJ Freeway, such as items on drop-down menus.

This document will explain which areas of MJ Freeway each List effects, the uses for each list, as well as the process for adding and removing items, or terms, from your lists.

Notice the links, List Terms & Add Terms, next to each category:



List Terms: This allows you to view and modify any existing terms.  For instance, to view our terms for the ‘Catalog’ category, we see a list of product categories.  We can click on ‘edit’ for MMJ and rename that product category.

Add Terms: From this link, you can add new terms to any of the categories.  For instance, if we click on ‘Add Terms’ for ‘Referral Types’ we can add things like Newspaper Ad, walk-by, etc.  These terms will now be selectable on any patient profile in order to track how patients are hearing about you.


Advanced Options: Under this section, the ‘Weight’ field determines the display order in which items will show in the list.  The lower the number, the closer to the top the term will display in the list.  For instance, if our referral term of Newspaper Add had the lowest ‘Weight’ of all the referrals types, it would show at the top of the drop-down.  Terms with the same number will sort alphabetically.

GramTracker refers to the store-side functionality within MJ Freeway and GrowTracker refers to the grow side of MJ Freeway.  Each have their own Customize Lists section.

Customize Lists: GramTracker

Catalog: This list controls your Product categories.  You can change names of existing Product categories and add new product categories.  For ‘Advanced Options’ within the Catalog, the term ‘This product category contains MMJ’ designates whether or not patients need to have a valid recommendation to purchase products within that Product Category.  For instance, the Flower category might be set to medicated whereas the Accessories category might be left un-medicated.

**note: when adding a new product category, immediately navigate to Admin > Tax Rates and include the new category into your existing tax rate(s) if needed.

Inventory Variance Reasons: This list controls the terms available on a product’s pricing chart during any ‘Weigh Heavy’ scenario at the point of sale.

Bulk Inventory Transfer Reason:  This list holds the ‘Reasons’ that can be associated with any discrepancies or movement of inventory not related to sales, such as manual adjustments, reconciliations, moving inventory from Flower to Shake, changing inventory from loose bud to prerolls/prepackage, etc.  Some examples of specific terms/reasons are; Moisture Loss, Transfer to Shake, Lab Test, Spill, etc.

Referral Types: This list controls the terms on the patient profile for ‘How Did You Hear About Us.’

Extra Services: This list refers to ‘Other Services’ on the patient profile.  Adding terms to this list will generate custom checkboxes on the patient profile to track various details for each patient.

Caregiver List: This section holds our list of caregivers or providers that we can attach to patients through a dropdown menu on the patient profile.
*note – When adding a caregiver, the checking the checkbox ‘Assigned Patients have designated us as their Caregiver/Primary Center’ will allow you to track plant counts for patients associate with that caregiver.

PO Statuses:  This list controls the statuses in which a PO can be saved, such as Ordered, In-Transit, or Checked-In.

Transfer to Location Statuses: This list is conditional based on software functionality.  If you have multiple locations, you will be able to transfer inventory to your other stores, or even delivery drivers in cases where your drivers carry an inventory selection for the patient.  Additionally, if you are using GrowTracker, these terms will be available when sending inventory from the Grow(GrowTracker) to the Store(GramTracker.)  As with the PO, you can create these transfers and save them with various statuses, such as Pending.

Register Adjustment Reason: This list controls the terms/reasons available for any cash movement, other than sales, applied to the register.  Examples of Register Adjustment Reasons are; Petty Cash, Vendor payment, nightly drop, etc.

Bulk Category:  This list controls categories for BULK inventory items.  These categories are not sales categories, like edibles or Accessories.  These categories simply help organize your weighted inventory, such as Hash, Shake, or Flower.

Wholesale Customer License Type – When adding a Wholesale Customer to MJ Freeway, you will be able to add multiple license types to the customer profile.  These can be populated here with terms like, Business License, State MMJ License, State Sales Tax License.

Symptom Evaluation Scales - This section allows you to create scales(1 through 5, 1 through 10) with descriptions.  These severity scales can then be applied to ‘Symptoms.’

Symptoms - This area holds ‘Symptoms’(Anxiety, Fatigue, depression, etc) for MJ Freeway’s Symptom Tracker.
*For more information on the MJ Freeway Symptom Tracker, search our forums for ‘Symptom Tracking.’

 For more information about Symptom Tracking, click HERE

 For GrowTracker Customized Lists, click HERE

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