03.03. Wholesale Customers

03.03.01 Add a Wholesale Customer

This article is intended to describe, in detail, the functioning of Wholesale Customers inside GramTracker.

All Wholesale Orders in GramTracker must be made to a specific Wholesale Customer.  Wholesale Customers are largely just a collection of details for your reference, fields important to other functioning in the system will be highlighted in green.

Navigate to: Wholesale > Wholesale Customers

This takes you to a list of all the Wholesale Customers we have in the system.  Below the header at the top of the page is a link to create a new Wholesale Customer.  Below that, we have a number of filters which allow us to search for a Customer already in the system. 

Company Name:

Contact Name:



Allow Medicated Products?:




Clicking on the link for a Customer's Company Name, or using the View link will take us to a page which simply presents all details of that Customer.  Clicking on the Customer's Email will attempt to open your email client and create an email to the displayed address.  Clicking Edit will take us to a page where we can update the details of a Customer.

When updating an existing, or creating a new, Wholesale Customer we have a series of fields to store data about this organization: 

Mandatory Fields

  • Company Name is the only mandatory field when handling Wholesale Customers.  It is the name of the Company used in the dropdown selection when creating Wholesale Orders.


Optional Fields

  • Contact Information is used to display additional information when looking at the main list of Wholesale Customers in the system.  Name, Phone, and Email will be visible there, whereas Preferred Contact Method is used purely for your reference.  Email is especially notable because when viewing the main list of Wholesale Customers, the address here will be a clickable link that will open your computer's email program.
  • Company Address should be used as a way of tracking the address used for billing purposes, in the case that a Wholesale Customer has a separate address for deliveries.
  • Delivery Address should contain the address which orders from this client should be taken to.  The information in these fields is also used to pre-populate information on transportation forms for states that require them.


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