05.02. COUPONS

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A Coupon allows us to reduce the total of an order, or a single item on an order, by a defined dollar amount or percentage.  Coupons can be added, edited, and inactivated (in cases where you need to temporarily or permanently disable a Coupon.)

Navigate to: Admin > Coupons

05.02.01. Active Coupons

Add a Coupon option

Add a Coupon option appears here as a link, as well as has its own tab under Admin Coupons. All this link does is simply re-direct you to the “Add New Coupon” tab.

Now we will add a coupon to the system and explore the various restrictions.

Coupon Name: This is the user defined name for your coupon.

Coupon Code:  This is essentially the ‘sku’ number for your coupon.  Although there are multiple ways to add a coupon to an order, entering the Coupon Code during the sale will be the fastest.

Applicable Locations: GramTracker locations for which the coupon is available for application.


Expiry Date: This is the date that the coupon expires.  In the example above, this coupon would be useable until the end of the day, 2012-12-30(December 30, 2012.)

Active: This checkbox allows us to inactivate and active coupon or activate an inactive coupon.

Discount Type: The options on this drop-down are ‘Price’ and ‘Percentage.’

  1. With ‘Price’ selected, the coupon will reduce the dollar amount of a patient’s total order or specific line item(s) by the dollar amount of the value entered in the following field, ‘Discount Type’.
    1. If Discount Type is PRICE, apply discount:
      • As a percentage of order to each eligible product
        • This option will reduce each eligible line item by the percentage of the discount equal to the percentage of applicable total price of applicable products - i.e. If you had two items eligible for a discount, one priced at $60, the other at $40. The $60 item would receive 60% of the eligible coupon, the $40 receiving 40%.
      • Equally across all eligible products
        • In this case the discount would be applied equally to each applicable line item, regardless of the item price.
  2. With ‘Percentage’ selected, the coupon will reduce the dollar amount of a patient’s total order or specific line item(s) by the percentage amount of the value entered in the following field, ‘Discount Type.’

Minimum Order Limit: The value entered here represents the minimum subtotal dollar amount a patient must reach on their order before the coupon will be available for application.

Minimum Line Item Price with Coupon: This is required when using a Discount Type of Price.  If coupon is applied to a price that is less than the minimum line item price with coupon, then the product price less the discount will increase to the minimum price entered above.  The value this is based off of is the price of the item after coupon application...if your coupon is not larger than the price of the line item, "0" or ".01" should be entered here; to avoid zero dollar sales, enter .01.

Maximum number of redemptions (per code): This value represents the number of times this coupon can be used, ever.  For example, entering 100 would mean the coupon can only be used 100 times altogether.

Maximum number of redemptions (per patient/customer): This value represents the number of times any individual patient can use the coupon.  Entering 1 will mean the coupon will only be available once for each patient.


Member / Non-Member usage of coupon: Each patient profile can be set to either ‘Member’ or ‘Non-Member.’  These bubbles allow you to restrict a coupon to only Members, only Non-Members or All patients.

Is this a line level coupon or a coupon for the entire order: These options allow you to control how the coupon value is distributed across the patient’s order.

  1. This coupon can be applied to every applicable line on the order.
    1. This option will cause the coupon value to spread out across all applicable items on the order according to the price or percentage discount settings.
  2. This coupon can only be applied to the line selected. 
    1. This option will cause the coupon value to be applied only to line selected at the time of coupon application.


These Final filters allow to specific products, products categories and even employees for which the coupon is available.  In the example above, the coupon will only be applicable to product from the ‘Edibles’ category.


Our Coupon is now ready to use.  The advertisement for the Coupon above may read something like:

‘Grand Opening Special – First 100 patients to spend $20 or more receive $5 off on an edibles purchase, coupon available 1 time per patient….coupon expires December 31, 2012.’

Admin > Coupons – Discount Settings


Discount Restrictions: Checkbox; Checking this box will disable a budtender’s ability to enter their own ‘on-the-fly’ discount amounts during a patient’s order and restrict them to only using the Coupons that have been generated in this section.



  2. Find your existing active coupon and click the EDIT link.
  3. Uncheck the ACTIVE box to disable coupon.
  4. The coupon will now be listed under the INACTIVE COUPONS tab.



  1. Go to ADMIN > COUPONS.
  2. Click on the DISCOUNT SETTINGS tab.
  4. Click SAVE.


1. Go to ADM > COUPONS.

2. Find your coupon from the list and click the EDIT link. Here you can:

  • Change the name of your coupon.
  • Set or change the expiry date.
  • Make it active or inactive.
  • Set the discount type (price or percentage).
  • Set the discount value.
  • Set a maximum number of redemptions per code and per patient.
  • Apply coupon to Members, Non-Members or All Patients.
  • Specify a coupon as a line item discount or an order subtotal discount.
  • Apply or restrict coupon to specific products.
  • Apply coupon to specific SKUs.
  • Apply or restrict coupon to specific product categories.
  • Set user restrictions to restrict the coupon to applied only by specific employees.

3. When finished, click SAVE.

Coupon Barcodes -- Store Managers and Administrators within GramTracker can create a coupon that will allow a user to scan in a coupon code rather than enter it manually or through the Coupon interface.

Navigate to: Admin >  Coupons

To do so, first navigate to Admin, Coupons and locate the coupon you want to use for your barcode. In this case, we will use Ten Percent Off, or 10OFF.

Next, navigate to Inventory, Products and select Add a New Product.

In the Create Product screen, set the product's Item Name to what you wish to have display on the label. In this case, we will use the Name of the coupon itself. The Item Type can be set to any category as this will not be a product put into actual use. In Item ID, set the SKU to be the Code of the coupon followed by CP, which will tell the sales screen to process the code as a coupon. Please bear in mind that CP must be capitalized.

Once this is done, printing a label for this product will give you a label with the coupon's code.

After you have finished printing your coupon labels, edit the product, delete the Item ID, uncheck Product Is Active, and save the product.

Once the product has had its Item ID changed and has been inactivated, these labels will apply the specified coupon when scanned in the point of sale screen.

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