These are the details that will print on receipts, some of the details for the labels, as well as cultivation and/or kitchen if you have those options. Keep in mind, you have to be in that location to edit that location. For example, if we are in GramTracker, we must be in the GramTracker site to edit this information. If you have the Cultivation Unit GrowTracker or our Kitchen Processing site MixTracker, you will see these locations here as well, however you will not be given the “edit” option for those locations unless you access these settings through those sites themselves.

Navigate to: Admin  > Locations

This is your Set Up Locations homepage.  Here you are able to view each location that your MJ Freeway Site has available to you, such as your GramTracker, MixTracker and GrowTracker.  Which ever location you are using at the time you access this page is the location you will be able to edit.  If you are logged in under your retail store, for example, you will only see the "edit" option next to that Location Name.

How to Add Logo to Receipts

Here is a list of steps to follow in order to add your personal company logo to your receipt print outs:

Navigate to: Admin > Locations > Setup Locations

One item should appear with the company name. The last entry in this row of data to the right is "Edit". Please click it.


  1. About half way down the page you will see the words "Receipt Settings". (To the left of this word is a little sideways triangle). Please click on the words "Receipt Settings".
  2. This will display all the information pertinent to receipts. The third option down is for "Receipt Logo". There will be a field with a button called "Browse" to the right. Please click "browse".
  3. A windows menu will open for you to find the file on your machine that you want to use as your logo. Once you find that file, please highlight it and press the open button.
  4. You are now returned to the MJFreeway screen and the file information automatically populated in the text field. A button called "Upload" is highlighted underneath this field. Please click it.
  5. After the upload completes you should see your logo displayed. Underneath your logo, you may specify where on the receipt you would like the logo to be printed, top or bottom.

Congratulations, you are done.  This completes how to add a logo to your receipt.

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