Order Adjustments - Editing Payments on a Completed Order

How to Edit Payment on a Completed Order

**Note: Being sure you are logged into the register that originally ran the order.


There are two places you can find the order you would like to change the payment on.

Navigate to:  Patients > Lookup Patients

Search the patient name the order was placed under


Navigate to:  Reports > Closing 

When you click on the order number, it should take you to the order summary screen.  Select the 'Payments' tab (shown below) where you can then adjust the payment type on the order.  

**Note:  In order to keep the integrity of the order, make note of the original date and time the order was recorded.  You will need to adjust this information shortly.

Making sure that you're logged into the register the order was originally ran on, delete the original payment type on the order.  You will see a yellow confirmation box appear confirming the payment was successfully deleted. 

Select the correct payment Method used from the dropdown and enter the correct payment amount. Multiple payments may be applied to an order if cash and debit, for example, were used to pay.

If you wanted to add a note that this was an adjustment and a reason for the adjustment, you can do that in the Comment section. For this example, we are splitting the methods of payment into two forms, POS Cash and POS Credit. 

Now you will want to backdate the order dates to the correct date and time as the first original transaction for the payment to apply to the right closing period.  This is a two part process.  Select Modify Date to be taken to the Modify Payment Date screen.  Once the payment date and time has been adjusted, select Update Payment Time.


Once you have updated the payment date and time, proceed to second part of this process under the View tab.  Under UPDATE ORDER STATUS select the Move Order option. This is going to update the timestamp for all order payments and log entries.

Under 'Modify Order Dates' select 'Update Al Dates on Order' to complete the order adjustment.

The original date and time are retained as well as the adjustments are now updated. 

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