Credit Card Processing Basics

What do I need to start accepting Credit Card transactions at my place of business?


-The only thing you will need to accept credit cards at your place of business is a merchant account

MJFreeway is NOT a merchant service provider, however, we do have “industry friendly” merchant services providers to which we can refer you should you need assistance finding one.


After you have a merchant account, you have 2 options of actually processing a credit card transaction during a sale.


1. Non-integrated

2. Integrated with MJFreeway



1. Non-integrated – In this case, you will be swiping the credit card through a standalone terminal. The standalone terminal sends the credit card information securely to the credit card processor. A standalone terminal is usually plugged into a phone jack and does not plug into your computer. Normally, your merchant service provider will provide you with a standalone terminal. These terminals can usually be purchased or leased. MJFreeway does not have the ability to provide you with, or service, any standalone terminal.


Example of a standalone swiper standaloneswiper.jpg




2. Integrated with MJFreeway – This basically means you are sending the details of the transaction over the internet. Any credit card transaction processed over the internet requires a Gateway to securely send the credit card data from a piece of software to the credit card processor. MJFreeway is not a Gateway and does not own a Gateway. MJFreeway does currently integrate with 3 different Gateways. Once you have a merchant account, you will have a choice among the following 3 Gateways:


With integrated credit card processing, you will NOT need a standalone terminal. You will need a 3 track USB swiper, which will connect to your computer. MJFreeway specified models will be supported by MJFreeway and can be ordered on our hardware page, here: USB SWIPER


Example of integrated USB swiper usbswiper.jpg



Setting up a Gateway

Integrated credit card processing is faster and does require fewer steps during a sale, although integrated credit card processing does require a Gateway. A Gateway company does charge additional setup, monthly, and per transaction fees. Gateway fees vary among the different Gateway companies with which MJFreeway integrates. MJFreeway can put you in contact with multiple Gateway representatives who can help you with your gateway setup, although your merchant services provider will often be able to provide you with a Gateway and gateway account as well as your merchant services, although there usually is an additional fee.



How does MJFreeway connect to your Gateway?


MJFreeway only needs a few details to finalize the connection between MJFreeway and your Gateway.  For further details, please contact MJFreeway.

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