Auto Assigning Plant ID numbers

It is now possible to auto-assign plant ID’s in grow.  To do this:

  1. Navigate to Grow > Plants > Add Plants
  2. Specify a Prefix for Auto IDs

When the system assigns new ID’s, a three digit number will be appended to the prefix, and the next-available number will be used (even if some IDs are already in use)

When adding a plant row, leave the ID field blank.  As soon as a value is selected for a field, an ID is assigned

It is now also possible to add multiple rows based on the last row in the grid.  To do this, fill out all desired values on the row, type the number of clones of that row you would like, then click “Add Rows”.  Individual rows can be modified after they are added.

No plants are saved until you click “Save All”

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