Grow Costing and You: Initial Setup

With the new Grow Costing release, GrowTracker allows you to assign costs for plants, equipment, and any additives used. These costs will accumulate over the life of a plant, resulting in a total cost of production for a batch of harvested plants and providing you with accurate cost estimation when packaging product from that batch. This article is intended to provide an overview of the Grow Costing module's features and settings, allowing you to implement it right away.


Administrative Settings

Under Grow, Setup, Settings you will notice a number of new settings related to grow costing.


The first of these new settings allow you to calculate cost of goods sold automatically upon creating a new package from a batch. Simply check either or both and the cost will be calculated for and applied to the package of the respective material.


This setting determines the manner in which the cost is calculated:

  • Package Count will divide the batch cost evenly across the number of packages you create. For example, if a batch cost $100 to produce, and you have two packages from it, each will have a cost of $50.
  • Package Weight will divide the batch cost relative to how much weight is in each package. If a batch cost $100 to produce, and you have a package with 10g of finished product and a package with 90g of finished product, their costs will be $10 and $90 respectively.



This setting allows you to assign a starting cost to all plants, which will serve as the baseline to which any additives or location costs will be added.


Under Grow, Setup you will see a new Equipment header. This allows you to set costs per day incurred by the use of equipment at your locations within the grow.

To begin adding equipment, click Add New Equipment.


As pictured, every piece of equipment must have a Name, a Cost Per Day which will be added to each plant in a location with a piece of equipment assigned, and an Estimated Lifetime measured in days, weeks, or months. As with most things within the system, these values can be changed at any time and the equipment can be made inactive to remove it from future calculation.




Grow, Setup, Locations has changed to reflect the introduction of equipment and location costing. While the layout largely remains the same, there is now a Cost/Day link allowing you to adjust equipment:


Clicking the Cost/Day link will bring you to this dialogue, which will allow you to view all current equipment and add/edit/remove equipment as necessary. In this case, we have selected an air filter and assigned it to the location:


Once a piece of equipment has been assigned to a location, you can change the number in the Quantity field to reflect the number of units in use at that location and the Total Cost/Day will recalculate automatically. Likewise, you can click Remove if you no longer use the equipment in question at the location. Once you've finished making any equipment adjustments, click Save Changes and your locations list will update.



As with Locations, Ingredients have changed somewhat to reflect costing. When selecting a default unit of measurement, there now appears a field for the cost per unit along with a calculator to determine it:


Once these ingredient costs have been set, their costs will be included with any mixes that are created using them and will be applied whenever they or a mix created with them are applied to a plant.

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