5. Wholesale Sales

Wholesale in 3 Steps

Summary: This guide is intended to demonstrate the base process of wholesaling with GramTracker.  It will cover the three steps required for every Wholesale Order.  For users seeking a more in-depth guide to the Wholesale function, please refer to [Wholesale Orders] & [Wholesale Customers]


Introduction: GramTracker’s Wholesale module is designed for clients who intend to sell or distribute to other businesses, rather than patients.  It provides a separate channel to remove product from your system, so that your patient reporting remains accurate.  Throughout this guide, important fields will be outlined in green.



Step One:  Tag Wholesale Products1-Product-Edit.png

The first thing we need to do is to tag any products that we intend to sell via wholesale.  Find the product under Inventory>Products>Active Products and Edit it.  In the Pricing section, there is a checkbox entitled “This product is sold wholesale.”  Select it and two additional fields are displayed:

Wholesale Price allows you to set a default price, which can be changed on a per-order basis if needed.

Wholesale Price UOM is a selection of by what unit of measure you sell this product, if it is weighted.  This cannot be changed when creating an order, so consider how your scales or other measuring devices operate – if they will be reading in Grams, it is best to leave this setting as grams.



Step Two: Create Wholesale Customer

We then need to create an entry in the system for any client who is purchasing wholesale.


Under Wholesale>Wholesale Customers, we find a list of all current customers in the system.  If our current client is not listed, we find a link at the top of the page to ‘Add a Wholesale Customer’


When creating a Wholesale Customer, we first need to enter the name of this client.  We can fill out various contact details for our own records, but these are not necessary.  Further down on the page, we’ll see an important checkbox – ‘Allow Sales of Medicated Products’ – not selecting this will prevent the wholesaling of any product in a medicated category, or associated with a medicated bulk inventory.  After that, we’re able to scroll to the bottom and hit save to finish creating this new customer.


Step Three: Create the Order

Finally, with products selected as wholesale and a customer created, we’re able to create our wholesale order.  We begin by navigating to Wholesale > Wholesale Orders.


At the top of this page, we’re able to click to Create New Wholesale Order. 


We need to enter a Title for this order – which is just a reference point for us in the future.   Then we need to select a Customer from the dropdown.  We can then scroll down further and begin adding products to the order.


(Red highlighted portions only appear for systems utilizing Batch Tracking)

From the dropdowns, we are able to select the products which we are wholesaling as part of this order.  We enter the quantity that we’re selling, and we are also able to adjust the Unit Prices if they are different than the defaults.

Batch Tracking users will also need to select or scan the package of inventory they are selling from, as well as confirm the weights that they are selling.

Once we’ve entered all of our products & quantities, we simply need to scroll up to where we selected our Customer, change the Status to ‘Completed’, then scroll to the bottom of the page to click Save.  This will deduct the quantities from your on-hand inventory and close out the order.

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