How to: Batch Parents

Within some jurisdictions, most notably Washington and Colorado retail, multiple harvest batches can be used to create one production batch or lot of product. This can be recorded within the system.


1. Entering Batch Parents manually

To enter batch parents manually for an existing batch, navigate to:


Find the batch for which you wish to record parents, and click edit:



Once there, click the Batch Parents tab. If no parents currently exist, you will see the following:


To record a parent, click Add Parent. In the window that opens, enter the ID of the Batch Parent. If you have selected a valid batch, note that the node ID or nid will appear in brackets next to the batch name. Then enter the Percentage as a decimal. Once this has been completed, click Add to apply this information to the batch.


Note: All parent batches must also be entered in the system to ensure accurate ingredient information.


2. Conversion

When performing a conversion at a MixTracker location, should multiple batches go into the creation of a product such as a concentrate or edible, you will be prompted to create a name for the production batch and assign a vendor.



This will create a new batch that already includes the batch parents in its percentages relative to what was used for the conversion.


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