New Prepack Settings

As of this new release it is now easier to add units of prepackaged product to a sale without the use of a barcode scanner. To set the default behavior, an admin may navigate to:


Once here, under the Prepack header, the admin may select the Default Prepack Behavior from the dropdown.

  • Sell as one line item operates much the same way that the system did prior to this update.
  • Sell as multiple line items will behave as illustrated below.

The checkbox determines whether or not budtenders will be allowed to change this setting on a per-use basis.


With the settings saved as pictured above, when a budtender selects prepack for sale, (s)he may click Add for whichever units desired.

With these being sold as individual units, the interface will appear as pictured:



These packages will then appear on the order as separate line items:


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