Additional Batch Functionality

GramTracker now supports adding packages and batches directly from the inventory screen, without having to use a purchase order!


We have also added functionality to allow you to easily combine packages.


For Colorado Users: Creating packages directly from the inventory screen, bypassing the Purchase Order, will *not* properly fill in your MMED reports.


For all states required to use batch tracking (Arizona and Colorado): Combining packages will result in a loss of batch information, meaning that unless you are correcting data, this may not fall within your state’s compliance regulations. Check with your compliance officers before utilizing this functionality.


Adding packages through the Inventory screen is quick and easy:


Navigate to the inventory item to which you’d like to add a package, and click the Inventory tab.

You will notice a new option to “Create New Package”. Click this button.

The next screen will allow you to provide details about the package, including the Batch number. This does not have to be a new batch number, the system will create the batch for you once you click “Save Changes.”

Upon clicking “Save Changes” you will be returned to the inventory tab, viewing the new package you’ve created, with a quantity of zero units or grams.


You can then click “Adjust” to add units or grams to the package in the standard fashion.

A new selection has been made available from the action dropdown when adjusting a package, “Combine Packages”.


In the example here, I have two packages for ½ oz units from the same batch. For convenience I would like to make one package out of the total number of units.


Previously, in order to do this, I would need to make either manual adjustments to each package, or to reconcile both.


Now, I can select the package number I would no longer like to use, and click “Adjust


After clicking “Apply Adjustment” the original package is now empty and marked as inactive, and the package you selected is adjusted to add the amount from the original package.

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