Budtender Station Improvements

Budtender stations have now been updated to allow for more than one package per location.


In the past, administrators would have to create a separate budtender station location for each package of product stored. Essentially, a budtender location for each jar.


Now, budtender stations can be as simple or as complex as you like.


In this example, we’ll create a simple budtender station to represent a counter with a single drawer at our location.


First, navigate to :

Inventory > Locations > Budtender Stations

Here, in the “New Location” field, type the name of your location, and click “Add Now.”

Counter 1 is now added to the list of Budtender locations.


Next, we need to add the drawer that will contain our products. Similarly to the above, we’ll type “Drawer 1” into the “New Location” field, and click “Add Now”.

For the final part of our setup, we’ll click and drag the Cross icon for Drawer 1 to the right, “under” the Counter 1 location, then scroll to the bottom and click “Save”.

Next, we’ll need to move packages into the budtender location.


We can do so by navigating to the inventory items we’d like to put in this location, and “Adjusting” the package.

After clicking “Adjust”, select “Transfer Package” from the Action dropdown.

You my transfer some, or all of the package.

In the “Transfer to Location” dropdown, select your newly created Budtender Station, and fill in any additional information.

Finally, click Apply Adjustment.

Your new package is now located in the budtender station.


Optionally, using Login Limits and Budtender restrictions, you can make it so that only inventory *at* a counter, can be sold from that counter.


See these additional Knowledgebases for more information :


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