New Packaging Process

"Finishing" a batch is no longer required and you may now package from your Batch at any time!


Different grows package using different methods, however. Growtracker now allows for even more flexibility with how you record these packages.


On the packaging screen, you will notice several differences.

At the top of the packaging screen, you will notice three radio buttons that allow you to determine the type of package you are creating. Selecting a radio button will tell you how much of that type you have available left to package, based on your last weigh point.



When a package is created, this remaining weight will be reduced by the amount of product weight that was added to the package.




This new packaging form now allows for prepacking and distributing directly at the grow.

Simply click the “Prepack” tab and specify the number, as well as product and package weights for that package.

Clicking Create package will show you the combined weight total for all the units in that package.

As you continue through the process, you may create any combination of packages and package types that you need.

These weights will also show on the Weight Details tab.


Adding new lines to the distribution.

As of this release, you can add new lines to the distribution form by simply hitting the “Enter” key while in either the Package ID field, or the Gross Weight field.

This also means that scanning a package ID with a barcode scanner will automatically add another line to the distribution, making it easier to add packages by scanning each while on that page.

You must still provide an outgoing gross weight using either an integrated scale or by typing the value.


When transferring this product to either a store or MIP or Processing Plant, the packages retain their information, but must still be mapped to the proper inventory items on being received.

The bulk package we created earlier is received on the Purchase Order as bulk:

And the Prepackaged as Prepackaged units:


Our Trim packages are brought in as bulk, in a separate Trim Inventory:

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