Unfinished Product at all Weigh Points

Recording Unfinished Product at all Weigh Points


Added in this release is the ability to record Unfinished Product at all stages of the curing process.


In the past, the recommended method of recording weight has been to list the unfinished product during the Wet Weigh process, and to only add any additional waste or wholesale byproduct collected during the curing process, noting that these would be subtracted from the Unfinished Product.


As of the latest release, GrowTracker now allows you to record your Unfinished Product weight at every grow point in the process.


As before, additional Weigh Points can be added by navigating to:

Grow > Setup > Customise Lists

Click List Terms for Grow Weigh Points

Here, you can click “Add Term”, and include as many separate steps as you need to.

This means that you may now optionally re-weigh and record all weights for each stage of the curing process.

These weights will then be visible after the curing process is complete.

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