Purchase Order Payments

Through the Payments section of a Purchase Order, users can record in detail their payment or payments for stock.


In a purchase order, a Payments section will appear beneath the Notes field. When expanded, it displays a listing of any current payments on the PO.



Upon clicking Add another payment, a form will appear to record details about the payment:


The Paid checkbox will mark the payment as complete and deduct it from the selected register if paying in cash.


The Due Date and Paid Date fields allow you to select the relevant dates from a calendar. If paid today, the Today link below will automatically fill in today’s date.


The Amount field allows you to enter the amount of this payment.


The Method dropdown allows you to select whether the payment is in Cash, Check, Credit, or Other. If Other, a box will appear allowing you to enter details.


When paying cash or other, a From dropdown will appear allowing you to select a register if applicable.


Once this is complete, click Add Payment Now and the payments table will display the new payment and provide a sum value of payments at the bottom.



The Edit and Remove buttons allow users to change and remove payment data. If the payment has been marked as Paid, these will only be available to Store Administrators.

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