Through building a Customized List, users can define the details of some given patients’ physician.


To set this up, navigate to Admin, Customize Lists.


Physicians will appear toward the bottom of the list.



To add a physician, click Add terms, or click List terms to see a list of existing physicians.


A new physician record will ask for a Term name, which will appear as the physician’s name wherever applicable.



Any other relevant information will appear under Advanced Options, allowing an organization to keep contact and address information.



Once this information is filled out to satisfaction, click the Save button to save the physician record.


To set a physician record for a given patient, edit the patient’s record and scroll down to the Physician Info fields.



The Physician dropbox allows a user to select None, any one of the physicians currently established in the system, or Other. Selecting Other will allow the user to enter the name and phone number manually.


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