New Client Onboarding Guide

This article is to help you integrate your workflow and state compliance guidelines  with your new MJ Freeway site.

Below you will find a general outline of what will be covered in each training session until you "go live" with MJ Freeway. Depending on your progress with the system, potentially, the time it takes you to "go live" could vary. Please feel free to reference the Knowledge base articles associated with each training session before that session, by clicking the links below.

Please keep in mind: Until you are using MJ Freeway to do live daily transactions you can treat your site as a "training site" and practice with it as well as train on it. We will be able to clear out the "practice" data from your site before you "go live" using MJ Freeway.

(1st appointment)Initial Introduction to MJ Freeway

  • Test any preexisting hardware on our demo site and order any additional hardware needed.
  • If a patient list exists in a spreadsheet, MJ Freeway will retrieve, review with you, and import prior to next appointment.
  • Begin your initial training and new patient entry.
  • If a Gram Elite subscriber, MJ Freeway will send over MJTexts questionnaire prior to the end of initial call.
  • Your Elite package gives you access to our text/email marketing platform, which has been proven to help dispensaries increase their overall sales and patient/customer loyalty.  We'd like to get you set up right away so that you can start getting the benefits and results this will bring to your business. 
  • Discuss support contact options and schedule go live date.

*(After Session)At this point, if any documents need to be uploaded to your MJ Freeway site (aka Patient List, Inventory list, Vendor list) please send to:


(Second Training)Superuser/Admin training

*(After Session) Make sure your all of these items are set-up properly: tax rates and profiiles, pricing weights and groups, registers, and user profiles.


(Third Training) Inventory Setup: Vendors, Bulk, Product

*(After Session) Spend time setting up your Actual Vendors, Bulk Inventory, and Products on your own. This will help you get your system ready to go live, so enter as many real Vendors, Bulk Items, and Products as you can.


(Fourth Training) Adding Inventory, Purchase Order or Manual Adjustments


*Load Inventory quantities and setup hardware to train on POS, coupons, closing, etc. Please leave the hardware left untouched, as hardware plugged in before drivers are installed can be a hassle.


(Fifth Training) Sales/Daily Operations Training (After any ordered hardware has arrived)

  • Hardware Setup
  • Sales
  • Coupons
  • Inventory Workflows
  • Closing
  • Confirm go live date and schedule optional call the morning of going live for an all-day LMI session, during which LMI chat can give real-time communication with the client.



Before you go live (this is when YOU are comfortable being done with practice and training) there are a few things we need to do.

  • Make sure every user has the User role and access that they need.
  • You and your employees need to know YOUR workflow.
  • Reconcile your inventory levels so that they are accurate and up to date BEFORE you go live
  • MJ Freeway will clear out all of your practice data as needed (Per your request)
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