ii. New Client Implementation - Converting From Another System

This article is here for you to use when you are moving from any inventory management/POS system to MJ Freeway and guidance throughout the process.


Below you will find an outline of what will be covered (in general) in each training session until you "go live" with MJ Freeway. Please feel free to reference the Knowledge base articles associated with each training session before that session, by clicking the links below.


Please keep in mind: Until you are using MJ Freeway to do live daily transactions you can treat your site as a "training site" and practice with it as well as train on it. We will be able to clear out the "practice" data from your site before you "go live" using MJ Freeway.


(1st session)Superuser/Admin training
User logins, Taxes, Pricing, Customize Lists, Registers, Enable Batch(if necessary)

*(After Session)At this point, if any documents need to be uploaded to your MJ Freeway site (aka Patient List, Inventory list, Vendor list) please send to:

(2nd Session) Inventory Setup: Vendors, Bulk, Product

*(After Session) Spend time setting up your Actual Vendors, Bulk Inventory, and Products on your own. This will help you get your system ready to go live, so enter as many real Vendors, Bulk Items, and Products as you can.

(3rd Session)Adding Inventory, Purchase Order or Manual Adjustments

*(After Session) Practice bringing in inventory via purchase orders. Practice Inventory Reconciliations.


(4th Session)Sales/Daily Operations Training (After any ordered hardware has arrived)

*We would like the hardware left untouched, as hardware plugged in before drivers

are installed can be a hassle.*

  • Hardware Setup
  • Sales
  • Coupons
  • Inventory Workflows
  • Closing
  • Confirm go live date and schedule optional call the morning of going live for an all-day LMI session, during which LMI chat can give real-time communication with the client.


Load Inventory quantities and setup hardware to train on POS, coupons, closing, etc.  At this time the you should also have the all of your requested info uploaded to your system.

A Staggered Rollout might be a good idea for you: This would be a scenario where we import patients and they start putting patient in live while not going live on the POS. One reason for this would be to have live patients in MJF, but run POS side by side with their other system, to make sure MJF is ready for live sales. This is double work and often only happens for a short period of time, such as a day or two. The other option is for us to import patients the night before, requiring you to send the patient list after close, the night before going live, and go live on everything at once.

Ideally this happens one or two days prior to going live, as new patients will have to be entered into both systems from this time until going live
If a patient list exists in a spreadsheet, we will have already retrieved, review with client, and import before next appointment.
Client training and new patient entry into both systems will begin as of the completion of this appointment.


Before you go live (this is when YOU are comfortable being done with practice and training) there are a few things we need to do.

  • Make sure every user has the User role and access that they need.
  • You and your employees need to know YOUR workflow.
  • Reconcile your inventory levels so that they are accurate and up to date BEFORE you go live
  • MJ Freeway will clear out all of your practice data as needed.
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