05.01.02. Patient Settings

You can add custom fields to the Patient Profile in order to track any information about your patients that might be useful to your business.

These settings control features related to patient information, such as:

  • Adding Custom Fields to the Patient Profile
  • Customizing what, if any, patient information you wish to display on receipts, labels, exports and reports
  • Determining whether each patient’s total money spent with you will be viewable by employees with lower level permissions

05.01.02.A. Extra Patient Settings

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Patient Settings > Extra Patient Fields

This section allows you to add custom fields to the Patient Profile.  In the example above, we would see a new field on the patient profile labeled ‘Favorite Animal.’

These fields directly correlate to the Extra Information section of the "Create Patient Profile" section of your MJ Freeway site when entering patient/customer data at intake.  This information can be adjusted to allow custom data to be collected from each patient/customer if you choose. 

What do you want to include on patient data exports?:  Nothing / Patient Name / Patient Number / Both.

From the Patient Management screen, you can export all of your patient data to excel(.csv) at any time.  This export includes details such as; total spent, first visit, most recent visit, ‘how did you hear about us’, e-mail addresses, etc.  The setting in this section allows you export this patient data with or without patient names and patient numbers.

Which patient data would you like it to include on receipts and labels? Patient Name / Patient Number /  Neither

This section allows you to customize the patient information that displays on receipts and patient labels, as far as patient name, patient number, or neither.

What patient data do you want to show on reports? Patient Name / Patient Number  / Both / None

This section determines whether you display patient, number, both or neither, on internal MJ Freeway reports.  This option is useful if you wish to print sales reports that don’t include patient information.

Hide total spend and number of orders completed on Patient Profile: From the check-in screen, and the Sales screen, total dollar ever spent by any patient are displayed.  This checkbox allows you to disable that display.  If this restriction is activated, employees with lower permission will not be able to see how much any one patient has spent with you.

Show Anonymous Orders/Visits in Queue: checkbox

Display wait times for checked-in patients: checkbox


Automatically inactivate patients: checkbox


05.01.02.B. Patient Agreements

05.01.02.C. Swipe Preferences


GramTracker now allows you to search by MMJ Card number or Driver's License number.

To use this functionality, it must be manually enabled. 

Navigate to : Admin > Settings > Patient Settings

On this page, you will find a new dropdown. Swipe Preference.

Setting your Swipe Preference to "MMJ Card" will change the behavior of how the system looks for patients on the Patient Lookup field of the Patient Management page.

If a number is typed or swiped into the swipe field, GramTracker will first search for an MMJ Card number that matches the entered number.

If that number is not found, GramTracker will next look for a Driver's license number that matches the entered number.

If a Driver's License is swiped, and the Driver's License is not found, GramTracker will use its default behavior, and allow you to add the patient to the system, automatically filling in the data encoded on the license.

05.01.02.D. Patient Appointments





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