This is your Patient Management homepage.  Here you can:

Search for Patient by Driver's License:  You can either scan a driver's license with the ID scanner or manually enter the Driver's License # in.

Search for Patient by Name: First name and Last Name of patient can be entered manually here. 


Add Patient: Takes you to 'Create Patient Profile'


Lookup Patient: Re-Directs you to 'Patient Lookup' tab


Export Patient Data:


In order to export patient data from MJ Freeway, your user account will need to have manager level permission or above.  The export will display all patient data entered on every patient profile, along with details such as; date of first order, date of most recent order, total dollars spent, total orders completed, and number of reward point.

Navigate to the Patient Management screen and click the Green button at the bottom, on the right, 'Export Patient Data.'


After clicking 'Export Patient Data' select 'Save File' from the Firefox popup.  Then navigate to location in which the file saved, and open.



By default, your patient data will export without patient names or patient numbers, due to HIPAA standards.

To include the patient name, go to Admin > Settings > Patient Settings



From the drop-down menu, you can choose to include the Patient Name, Patient Number or Both.



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