06.10. LOCATIONS (special permissions section, not in all GramTracker packages)


**Note: This section of reporting in your MJ Freeway GramTracker site is not a standard available report.  This requires special permissions to activate these location reports in your system.  If you feel this section of reporting would benefit you, please feel free to contact our MJFREEWAY SUPPORT to enable this section of your GramTracker Site.

MJ Freeway software can provide reports based on each location within your site. 

Navigate to: Reports > Locations

 This is your homepage for location reporting. You can produce three reports in this section that are location/multi-location specific for Sales Summary, Inventory and Sales Tax.

06.10.01. Sales Summary

The Sales Summary report does not have customizable data set as most of the other MJ Freeway reports do.  This report breaks down sales data parameters for the current days business (Today xx/xx/xxxx), yesterdays business (Yesterday XX/XX/XXX), Month-To-Date ( Month YEAR), Daily Average for the current month (Month YEAR) and the Projected Totals for the current month (Month YEAR). 

The sales data for each parameter is provided the number of orders, total revenue and average order for each location. 


06.10.02.  Inventory





06.10.03. Sales Tax

Multi Locations Reports



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