06.01. Closing / Closing Report

06.01.01. Closing Report

The Closing Report is a daily report that should be ran nightly. The data collected starts fresh every night at midnight.

Navigate to: Reports > Reports Manager > Closing Report

Reports > Closing

You can either use the drop-down menu to navigate to Reports > Closing, or you can also go to your Reports Manager by clicking on the Reports tab and select the link to Closing Report under Closing. 


Day to show report: YYYY-MM-DD; Your Closing Report page will give you the ability to run reports for which ever date is selected under this field. 

Transactions for User: You can select to filter either 'All Users' that are in your MJ Freeway Site (all users set up in your system under Admin > Manage Users) or specific users as well. To select more than one user at a time, hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and with your mouse, select each user in the dropdown menu.

Transactions for Register: All Registers or Individual Registers; This will filter to a particular register for the closing report that you choose. 

Select the parameters with which you would like you generate your closing report, then click SUBMIT.  Once submitted, the results of your submission will populate below. 


06.01.02. Overview

In the Overview Section of your Closing Report, the 'Start Date' and 'End Date' will be displayed for the date chosen under 'Day to show report'.

Depending on the payment methods accepted at your location (POS Cash, POS Check, POS Credit, etc.) and what methods of payment(s) taken that business day, are the columns that will be displayed next to the following:

Incoming Payments: This gives us the total payments taken via each method of payment per column as well as the 'Total' (includes cash, credit, debit and any/all other payment types) that occurred within that business day.

Cancelled Payments:  This provides the total cancelled payments for each payment type per column and also the Total for cancelled payments for that days business.

Net Incoming Payments: This is the total incoming payments taken that business day per method of payment, less the deductions for cancelled orders. 


Net Sales: Shows the days incoming payments less deductions.



06.01.03. Balances Summary

These are balance summaries of each of your active registers.  Individual register closing reports can be accessed via admin > registers > close register report.



06.01.04. Payments

These are payments specific to each order, including incoming payments as well as change transactions. These are all of your orders for the day.  Under 'Order Number' is the hyperlink to open up that particular order for all the order details. 


In the order details, you can:

  • Add an order comment
  • Add an admin comment
  • Update order status: Cancel Order or Move Order
  • Who is pickup up for this patient


06.01.05. Register Adjustments

This section is a listing of all cash adjustments made to the registers. 



06.01.06. $0 Visits

Zero dollar visits means that there is a completed order that had no dollars tendered.



06.01.07. Refunds

This section represents specific orders specific refunds for the day. 



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