06.02.01. Summary: section overview.

 06.02.01. Summary

In this section of your reports tab, you will see a list of reports left to right.  As you move left to right the reports also become more detailed and expansive with data. 

Filters in this group of reports are always specific to each report.  All reports are location specific, except for the Efficiency reports.  This means which ever location you are logged into is the location you will produce report data for.  Keep in mind, your site is live and sales transactions are happening while reports are being viewed throughout the day, therefore the most accurate reports will be determined if your closed or open for sales when reports are ran.

All reports can be exported to CSV files for excel data manipulation. 

Each section of reports has the ability to customize report parameters.  each section, these are the parameters in which determine the report results.


Customize Sales  / Contributions Report Parameters

Each of these values can be adjusted to to build custom sales/contributions summaries.  You can create templates and bookmark them for reference in the future.  The bigger the report, the longer it may take to display.

By holding down the CTRL button on your keyboard, you can select multiple parameters for Visit statuses or for all parameters. 











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