01.04. Text & Email

01.04. Text & Email

MJ Freeway has the ability to market via text and email through your MJ Freeway account. You may opt into text, email, or both text and email, to receive real time notifications regarding things like system maintenance. To opt into Text & Email notifications, click here.  If you would like a demo of this service, feel free to reach out to our Support Department.

Navigate to: Patients > Text & Email


If you have enabled the Text & Email feature, you will be given the option to click 'Launch Text and Email Marketing' at your Text & Email homepage, as shown here.

In a new tab you will be taken to login page.  Once this service has been enabled, an email with your login information will be sent to you to the email of your choosing. 


Once logged in, you will be taken to your MJ Freeway Text & Email marketing home page.  Your Dashboard is where you can navigate to each section of the software for each action you choose to use.





Under your Messages tab is your Inbox, New Message, Sent, Scheduled and Archived messages. Each location you have set up for MJ Text & Email notifications (more than one retail, rec vs med, etc.)


New Message

Here you can create and send messages to your recipients.  Enter a Message Title so you can keep a record of messages sent.  Send via Text Message, Email or you can Post to Twitter if you have linked your Twitter feed. 

Selecting Text Message will open up an additional field that will show you the phone number the text will be sent from (one of ten possible phone numbers) as well the option to designate the text as a Mobile Coupon (additional characters will be reserved for coupon link, such as the offer page, cashier instructions, terms & conditions, Button Text, Coupon Value, and End Date.) and the Text Message field.  Regular (non mobile coupons) Text messages can use up for 146 characters.  As you enter text into the Text Message field, the remaining characters allowed will keep count.


Recipients can be selected depending on the groups you want to send text messages to.  You can create groups based on different marketing demographics or preferences.

You can schedule a date and time for messages to be sent out also by selecting 'Later' next to 'Send Message'.



Additionally, in order for your patients to come over to the text/e-mail list, you need to check the applicable fields (e.g. preferred contact e-mail for e-mail opt-in and/or text for text opt-in). You have to select "add patient to mailing list" which only add them to the list (not just for the e-mail field there), and the you have to select which one in the preferred contact.

Also, there is now a "double-opt" in feature that's being used to where your patients have to confirm the subscription in order to get the blasts.

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