06.02.01.D. Order Details / Visit Details

06.02.01.D.  Order Details / Visit Details


This report compiles your customized selected data parameters to provide a list of transactions that took place. Depending on your parameters, this report will provide the ability to look up the actual transaction in your MJ Freeway site POS, the Order/Visit ID for that transaction as well as the Patient, Purchase date, quantity dispensed, quantity sold, visit total, status and cashier for each transaction. 

Select Update Report and per the parameters selected, your report will generate with each transaction listed chronologically by Order/Visit ID. Each transaction you are able to load and view under the Actions column. By selecting to view a transaction, you will be taken to the POS Screen showing the transaction in question. 

**Note: Since the action link re-routes you to the POS screen, hover over the magnifying glass icon and View Order XXXX will appear.  By right clicking this, select either Open Link in New Tab, Open Link in  New Window, or Open Link in Private window. 

This will open up that transaction in a separate location for you view without losing the Sales/Contributions reports results. 

The Order/Visit ID, Patient, Purchase Date, Qty (Quantity) Dispensed, Qty (Quantity) Sold, Order/Visit Total, Status and Cashier are all given for each Order/Visit. 

Keep in mind, Qty Dispensed and Qty Sold are not always the same.  Qty dispensed is the actual amount of product dispensed, rather the qty sold is the amount in which they paid for.  For example, weighing a heavy for a stereo typical 3.5g 1/8th, dispensing 3.7grams to the client, however they were only billed for 3.5 grams.

Totals for these transaction are also provided. 

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