06.02.01.G. Sales Efficiency (Efficiency)/ Contributions Efficiency

06.02.01.G.  Sales Efficiency (Efficiency)/ Contributions Efficiency

Navigate to: Reports > Sales > Summary > Efficiency tab

The efficiency report is the only report that is not location specific due to the fact in this particular report, you are given the option to select one or all of your locations within your MJ Freeway site. 

Efficiency reports will report on the data collected from your order source and times.  To turn on Efficiency reporting, you must first have information to report on. 

Navigate to: Admin > Settings > Sales > Sales Settings > Order Source and Times.


With efficiency reporting turned on, we can see by budtender how long each of your different types of orders are taking, via order source and times.





SECTION 1: Average Visit Completion Time by Cashier (in minutes)


SECTION 2: Orders by Requested Time


SECTION 3: Orders by Promised Time

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