06.07. COUPONS

06.07.01  Coupon Usage

Navigate to: Reports > Coupons


This section of your MJ Freeway site reports on Coupon Usage will so you what coupons were used within whatever date selection you choose. 

Choose the date range in start date to end date.

Order statuses: Pertains to the type of orders you want to include on in your report of coupon usage. You can hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard and select more  than one option, making note that only orders with selected statuses will be included in the report.

Coupon Name OR Coupon Code: This field you can enter the name or code of the active coupon or discount in your system.  Your active coupons and discounts can be found by Navigating to: Admin > Coupons > Active Coupons.

For more information on that section of your MJ Freeway Site, click here.

Locations: This is every location in your MJ Freeway dropdown menu.  You can select one or many locations for your coupon usage report.

How many times the coupon selected was used whether it was a coupon or a discount.  Once again, this can be reported across locations or one location depending on the parameters selected. 

Each Discount or Coupon will displayed with order #, Purchase Date, the total of the transaction as well as the amount and type of discount or coupon.  Each coupon or discount usage will be totaled as well. 


Export Coupon Usage Report: This will export your report to a CSV file you can open up in excel for further data manipulation if you so desire.


06.07.02.  Discounts By User

This report is similar to the usage report, however this report also details which budtender or sales associate is using which discounts and coupons.

By clicking on the name of each User or Budtender you can expand that field to expand and sort the order numbers that apply to each User as well as the discounts applied, weight dispensed (GR), Weight Sold (GR), Simple units, subtotal, taxes and total. 


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