05.01.05 Minnesota Patient Label Configuration

The MN Compliance labels are configured to keep you in compliance with your state regulations. 


The Patient Name and Patient Address will be pulled from the patient profile corresponding fields at the top of the page. 

Scroll down to find Patient DOB & Registration Number which will pull from the Patient profile fields "Birth Date" & "MMJ Card" respectively

***Caregivers & Physicians are added to your site through the Customize Lists menu option. Click here for Instructions on adding Physicians and Caregivers.***

Continue to scroll down the Profile to find Patient Caregiver and Caregiver DOB. Note that the DOB is pulled from the "Caregiver/Primary Center Notes field. Certifying Practitioner will pull from the Physician Field. 


Next we will need to Add the custom field for Patient Legal Guardian. 

To add the Patient Legal Guardian to a Patient profile you will need to follow these steps. 

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Patient Settings

Then Under "Extra Patient Fields" use Text Field 1 to Enter the Title Legal Guardian then scroll to the bottom of the page and save. 

You can no go back into the Patient Profile and add the entry for Legal Guardian

The Product Name and Use Instructions print from the Individual Product Page. Product Name pulls from the Item Name field and Use Instructions pull from Product Description Field.

The Product Amt will print from the Product Weight. Click here for Pricing Weights Setup

Product Expiration Date will print from the Package information attached to the product. 

Pharmacist information will print the Employee name that completed the transaction. 



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