November 2015 Release Notes

November, 2015

Release Notes

MJ Freeway released several new features and enhancements over the past month. Please see the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at 1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or concerns.


WA and IL state system integration


Over the past month, we have gotten our integration with the state systems in NM and WA working to near 100%. Grow and Retail integration is fully working. Please contact us for assistance with setting this up if you're in one of those two states.


MJ Mobile


MJ Mobile had several updates over the past month:

  • Coupons can now be applied through the mobile application.
  • Added the ability for much more client side theming.
  • Users can now view their order history through the application.
  • The menu pages can now display multiple images for each product.






  • San Jose receipts will now show the recommending physicians name and caregiver name (If the caregiver is the one picking up for the patient.)
  • NV Daily Inventory Summary report corrected to properly report all movement of medicated inventory.
  • Some wording changes for IL patient and packaging labels.
  • Category and patient group compliance weight limits changed to respect the warn/block setting of the general compliance settings. These limits will also allow a limit of 0, to block sales of a particular category to a patient group.
  • Added an option for the point of sale to display the running gram total by category.






  • Closing report moved into the report center - bringing significant performance improvements.
  • Order products report added to report center - showing a line item breakdown of all sales/refunds during the reporting period. Designed specifically to be easy to pull into excel for further manipulation.


General Improvements



  • Performance enhancment for online order menu images.
  • Quickbooks - Purchase orders and wholesales moved out of the consolidated export.
  • Quickbooks - Credit refunds when integrated with a payment gateway will now report on the quickbooks export as a general Credit refund.
  • The emailed receipt will now use the dispensary locations name if the online store name is left blank in Online Ordering Settings.
  • Verification checkmark when bringing in a purchase order has been restored.
  • Online ordering search should now work all the time.
  • Updates to the Orders API
  • Patients should no longer be able to be created with an invalid ID# - this will help with online orders showing an incorrect patient as well as anonymous orders.



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