January 2016 Release Notes

January 22nd 2016

Release Notes

MJ Freeway is releasing several corrections, enhancements and new features in this month's release. Please see the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at 1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions.


Browser Compatibility

Fully compatible in all browsers for page loads. (Reciept and Label printing still require Firefox)


Batch information propogation during transfers

Improved the handling of batch information, including testing results, when transferring between locations on the same site.


Performance improvements for inactive patient search.

The inactive patient search function has been changed enabling faster lookups.


Image handling performance improvements

Images are now saved statically, rather than dynmaically resized, improving pageload performance for online ordering and menu export.


NY Labels

Labels and customizations for clients in New York.


NV Inventory Summary Report

All products show beginning and ending inventory with refined calculations for the medicated inventory levels.


Online Orders with Coupons

Coupons applied to online orders calculate tax against the discounted subtotal at the Point of Sale.


NV Testing Results

Reformatted and added fields to the testing results area for NV clients. Terpene results can now be added directly, instead of using the notes field.


Quickbooks balancing

An update was made to change the way the Quickbooks export works, now preventing out of balance errors.


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