MJ Freeway - February 19, 2016 Release Notes

February 19th 2016


Release Notes


NM, IL and WA Integration Improvements

Unmedicated product Intake

The purchase order screen has been changed to allow the free intake of unmedicated products in addition to bringing in medicated products through the state system.

Test results in State System integrated states

Sites integrated with the state system in NM, IL and WA can pull test results down from the state system into their MJ Freeway and have them automatically link to the appropriate package.

Manual Entry of Additional ID for Integrated Sites

For clients in NM, IL and WA an additional function, allowing clients to sync inventory and plants between MJ Freeway and the state site.

State System sales

Additional checks were added in to prevent the sale of products when the state system can't find a valid MMJ Card.

Wholesale Sales

Changed the way wholesale sales work to allow for splitting packages in integrated sites.


Report Center - Date and Time Formatting

All existing report center reports have been updated to use 24-hour time format and YYYY-MM-DD date format.

Report Center - Time zones

All report center reports have been updated to use the time zone set for the site.

Front End: Sales by Vendor Report

The sales by vendor report has been updated to improve handling of costs and revenue.

Report Center: Sales v. Revenue

Reformatted the columns and put in additional checks to prevent duplicated line items.

Report Center: Sales Tax Report by City

A new report, showing the sales tax collected over a timeframe based on each individual tax rate.

Compliance Changes

Category and Patient Group Purchase Limits

The category and patient group specific weight limits have been updated, allowing for full control of purchasing based on product type and/or patient groups.

NV - Producer/Processor Inventory Label

A new label format has been added, intended for use in Mixtracker locations.

NV - Testing results for Growtracker Labels

The Growtracker labels for NV have had testing result information added to them.

NV - Inventory Tracking Labels

A new 2x1 label type has been added for NV clients, for use in inventory tracking only.

Coupon & Discount Changes

Line Item Coupon Change

Improved the handling of line item restricted coupons, preventing over application of discounts.

Autopricing exclusions

Individual pricing weights for price-by-weight products can now be excluded from autoprice calculations.

New Coupon Settings - Apply to original or discounted subtotal

An additional setting has been added to coupons, allowing users to choose if the coupon applies to the original or discounted subtotal on the order.


Plant Importer

For Growtracker clients, plants can now be added to your system via a csv upload. Details and the import template are available Here


Mixtracker package scanning

On wholesale orders in mixtracker, package scanning has been improved.

Patient Profile - Referral Source

A new setting has been added allowing clients to require a referral source to be entered on a new patient's profile.

Patient Profile - Country Entry

Added a field in the patient profile where clients can type in the patient's country of residence (be sure to uncheck the country listing within Admin>General Settings for this to be an active feature).

Inventory Locations

Improved handling of transferring prepack products between inventory locations & budtender stations.

API Changes

Complete_order API Call

The Complete_order API call was changed to allow an order to be associated with a register.


The update_pickup delivery call has been reworked to allow an order type & requested delivery time/date to be assigned to any API created order.

View_Orders search options

The view_orders API call was changed to allow searching by patient id, patient MMJ card or patient Driver's License.

Tax_rates function

An API Function was added allowing an integrated partner to poll a site and see all tax rates that apply to orders.

Patient_symptom_view & patient_mmj_view

These two calls were updated to return more useful information about a patient's MMJ card or symptoms (if using symptom tracker)

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