Plant Import Tool

This tool provides you the capability of importing a large number of plants at once, decreasing your time spent on data entry during your initial MJ Freeway onboarding and setup.

The plant import tool is located within your GrowTracker location under Grow>Plants>Add Plants.  Click on the link to the import page to begin.

The attached template will be used for the plant import.  It is important to note that the columns must not be reorganized, and the following must be true for a successful import:

  1. All Strains, Locations, Users and Stages must be an exact match to what is entered into MJ Freeway; thus, all main entry points must exist in MJ Freeway prior to importing.
  2. Date format must be YYYY-MM-DD (be sure to format as text in excel before saving as CSV for the import).
  3. Be sure to import you list of "mother" plants first, and then import any children of those mothers to ensure the correct relationship is made.
  4. You can only import plants into a parent grow location if it has no sublocations beneath it.  Just as well, you can only import plants into the final location within the heriarchy.

Ensure that all of the data in the file is correct prior to uploading the file, as well as making sure to save it as a CSV type of file.  You should now be ready to import your plants.  We would recommend keeping the imported plant count per file to approximately 2000 or less.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to MJ Freeway Technical Support at 888.932.6537 ext 1 or email us at

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