Configuring Firefox to work best with the Reporting Engine

The best version of Firefox to use with the reporting engine is 40.0.3. You can download this version by following this link: 


Click folder win32

Next click folder en-US for the American English version of Firefox.

Lastly, download and install the file called Firefox Setup 40.0.3.exe



Click folder mac

Next click folder en-US for the American English version of Firefox.

Lastly, download and install the file called Firefox 40.0.3.dmg



Go into Options

Select Advanced

Select Update

Choose Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk)

See screenshot:



If the Reports are still not showing up with the Correct FF version

There is a "shield" icon in the corner of the URL bar that sometimes blocks content from showing up. You can disable this blocking by clicking the shield, clicking Options and choosing "Disable protection for now"

See this screenshot:


If you're curious about what the shield is doing there, you can read Firefox's explanation below. Basically the page is mostly secured with HTTPS but the report files are loading over an HTTP connection, so the browser wants you to be aware of that:

Firefox's explanation of the shield




If you still have issues getting Firefox 40.0.3 to run (check your current version after installing), then you may need to make a small modification to the installation.

Here's the modified installation:

Download and begin a custom installation for Firefox 40.0.3 from the link above:


Then, make sure to point the installation to a custom directory; I recommend the Desktop:

Then, make sure to deselect the default startup and icon options:

Next, finish the installation WITHOUT starting/launching Firefox afterwards. Then, you'll need to go and make a shortcut from the new installation folder, and then modify that shortcut:


You'll need to make changes to the new shortcut:

You need to add "-P -no-remote" to the end of the "target" link:


Then, start Firefox from the new shortcut, which will prompt you to choose a profile. There will be a "default", which you should not select. But you should create a new profile; I named it 40.0.3 in this example:


Then, make sure that no options are selected when starting Firefox using the 40.0.3 profile:

From there, follow the instructions at the beginning of this article, making sure to quickly turn off automatic updates, or you may have to reinstall.

Please feel free to contact support for further information.

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