Custom POS/Patient Label Options

Many states require different information on their labels. MJ Freeway offers several places to add custom information to your labels.

OBJECTIVE: After reading this article you will be able to alter the FOUR (4) fields over which you have control to provide custom labels to your patients and customers.

We'll approach these four fields from most to least broad. 

1. "Custom Disclaimer" and "Custom Long Disclaimer"

USED ON: Depending on label size, the Custom Disclaimer or the Custom long disclaimer will appear on ALL patient or POS labels. The Custom appears on 2x1 label layouts and has a max of 35 characters. The Custom Long appears on all 2x4 labels. It can be much longer and permits some HTML tags. 

GOOD FOR: State required info or warnings for all medicated products.

WHERE SET: Admin->Settings->General Settings->Label Printing Options

2. Batch ID

USED ON: the large 2x4 labels. Will show for ALL products associated with that batch, including conversions from products of that batch.

GOOD FOR: State batch or lot or harvest ID information. 

WHERE SET: Inventory->Batches->"edit" link
(To the far right of the batch.)

You can find the batch with which a product is associated by going to: Inventory->Products. Then click your product. Click the "Inventory" tab for that product.  Scroll down. You'll see a list of packages or lots of that product. Click the link under the "Batch" column. Click "Edit" tab.

Further you can set this on the Purchase Order when you click the add batch link in the PO.

NOTE: the "Batch ID" or "Batch Name" is what shows on labels. The "Additional ID" or "METRC ID" does NOT show on labels but can matter for compliance reports. Some clients may wish to put the state ID # in both

WARNING: If you change a Batch ID, you'll have to change ALL packages associated with that batch. In each of those, you'll have to change to the new Batch ID and then save that package.

3. Testing Results Notes Field

USED ON: all labels that show Testing Results. Will show for ALL products associated with any batch that has those testing results. Permits some HTML tags for formatting.

GOOD FOR: Any additional testing/batch/lot/harvest information. Lab name. Date harvested. 

WHERE SET: First ensure that "Include Testing Results on Patient Labels" is checked. (Admin->Settings->General Settings->Label Printing Options).

Next find the Notes field in: Inventory->Testing Results->"edit" link
(to the right of the test row in question) Go down to "Notes:"

NOTE: You MUST associate a batch with a testing result to have the results and notes appear on the label. Ensure a batch has the right Testing Results ID set.

NOTE 2: Testing Results DO NOT show on the Alternate Layout (small 2x1) Inventory labels. Though inv. labels are not the point of this article.

4. Product Name

USED ON: All labels that show the product name.

GOOD FOR: Product-specific info. This is a great place to put strain. E.g. "White Widow Prepack."

WHERE SET: Inventory->Products->"edit" link
(To the far right of the product in listing). Set the "Item Name."


Finally you can set a custom image on your large 2x4 labels. Upload an image 204 pixels wide in (Admin->Settings->General Settings->Label Printing Options) "Footer Image."

NOTE: Smaller images will still get expanded to 204 pixels wide.

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