May 2 2016 Release

May 2, 2016

Release Notes

MJ Freeway is releasing several features and enhancements today. Please see the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at 1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or concerns.


Batch Naming Grow administrators are now able to rename grow batches prior to those batches being distributed. Growtracker™ distribution batch naming When sending out a distribution from Growtracker™ the option to use either the numeric batch ID or the Batch Name has been added as an option. Grow Distributions Reports Added three new reports to Report Center, displaying information about distributions out of Growtracker™

  • Distributions – Displays information about all packages distributed during a time period.
  • Distributions by Month – Aggregates information about all distrubtions and displays a monthly summary.
  • Distributions by Customer – Aggregates distribution information on a per wholesale customer basis.

Add Plants Column Formatting On the Add Plants screen in Growtracker™, the ability to add, hide and resize columns has been added.


Override tax profiles To address the needs to clients that run both a storefront and delivery business, added the ability to use either the patient’s override tax profile, or the store’s tax profile to the Point of Sale screen. Purchase Orders with Prepacks Added a preventative check to the purchase order entry screen to prevent duplicating package IDs with different prepack weights. Online Ordering Settings for Multilocation Clients Added location independent online ordering display and exclusion settings for multilocation clients. Order Transfer Enhancement Improved cost and autoprice functionality when transferring orders between locations on the same URL. Fulfillment Center Bypass

Improved the handling of inventory when using fulfillment center and the order status bypass option.

Prepack Conversion Cost Calculation Enhancement Improved the handling of cost calculation when converting one prepackaged pricing weight into a different pricing weight.

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