June 2 2016 Release

June 1, 2016

Release Notes

MJ Freeway is releasing several features and enhancements today. Please see the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at 1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or concerns.


Oregon Changes

Receipt settings were updated to use the new categorization and tax status of products sold.

Product categories in OR can now be mapped to reflect state weight type.

Destruction Log

Inventory adjustment reasons can be marked as being disposals. With this change, a new destruction log report was added to report center, to allow for reporting of disposals/destructions.

Order Limits

The option to block on order limits was added, adding to the ability to warn if a patient had exceeded their allowed number of orders.

Wholesale Orders and Transfers

The ability to add multiple blank lines when creating a wholesale order or internal transfer was added.

Internal Inventory Label for IL

Per request, a 2x1 internal inventory label has been added for IL clients.

Non-medicated item labels

A new option was added to prevent labels from being printed for non-medicated items at the POS.

AZ Patient Detailed POS Label

The information printed on this style label was changed to better reflect state requirements.

State System Integration

Improved reporting of discounts when integrated with the state system in NM, IL and WA.

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