June 10 2016 Release

June 10, 2016


MJ Freeway is releasing several features and enhancements today. Please see
the details below and don't hesitate to contact our support team at
1-888-932-6537 x1 or at if you have any questions or

Weedmaps sync changes

The Weedmaps sync was updated to use the new version of the API, including supporting images along with the sync.

Updating the prices for a pricing group now properly updates the prices for the sync to weedmaps.

Added an option to perform a full resync of a weedmaps menu, removing any references to an old menu, intended for use in conjuction with the Weedmaps feature that allows for deleting an entire weedmaps menu.


The product sales report has been modified to improve run times.

Corrected the Timeclock Punch Details Report Center report to improve responsiveness.

Tweaked the calculations in the Sales by Hour/Month/Day/Year reports & the Product Sales By Category Report Center reports.

Compliance Limits

Improved handling of medicated products when scanning package barcodes into the POS.

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